Mobile Spray Rigs and Trailers

mobile spray foam rigs and trailers

Mobile all-in-one trailer rigs that contain the spray foam machine, tools, compressor and generator have fast become the standard for spray foam contractors. Mobile Spray Rigs integrate all of the necessary tools and equipment needed for SPF application into a turnkey mobile trailer system. Most of these trailers are tag along style (towed behind a pick-up truck) however; you will also see them integrated into a box truck style as well. The benefit with a mobile spray rig is that all equipment is always set-up and stored in one place. The power utilities can also be included in the rig so you always have electrical power and air.

Mobile spray rigs with built-in generators allow you to arrive on the jobsite and get to work quickly. One of the major benefits in having a spray rig is that all your equipment remains connected and set-up. There is no lost time running around looking for power and wasting time hooking up all the material hoses and utility connections every day.

Mobile spray rigs also allow you to keep all your valuable tools, equipment and material supplies in one locked and secure place. They also protect all of these from the harsh weather and jobsite environment.

Many spray foam rigs are set-up with work benches and other support tools so you can service the equipment and spray guns when in need.

Your mobile spray rig can also be your best source of marketing and advertising too. It is very common for the foam contractor and coatings applicator to install huge graphics on the sides of the rig, with company name, logo and billboard style advertising and branding.